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Wiping Services

Many computers and electronic devices are designed and produced with an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of 3-5 years.  What does that mean?  It means just like your 3-year old toddler, your 3-year old electronic devices will start giving you headache.  However, unlike your 3-year old toddler, there wouldn't be any cute moments with your electronic devices after that point.


The question is why so?  Are the manufacturers that greedy that they want people to keep buying new products?

Well, the answer lies in the consumers behavior.  Way back when, electronic manufacturers used to produce things that were almost bulletproof; as such, it cost arms and legs to purchase the wonder of technology.  The issue is the advancement of new technology wear that "wonder" off in mere months instead of years which the devices are capable of.  Remember the cassette deck player?  Laser disk?  VCR? Beta? VHS? Walkman? Boombox? Startec phone? How about CRT monitors? 386i? 486DX2?  Yeah... exactly.

So the manufacturers got the hint.  Why did they spend so much money in product reliability to make them last through an atomic explosion... well ...almost.... not really.  After all, consumers would move on to the newest and greatest inventions in a few months anyway.  So they shift their strategy into making their products reliable enough to last through the fad, which translates into cheaper production cost.


At the end, who is the winner in this situation?

We, the consumers, win because we don't have to sell our limbs to afford those new touchscreen computers, iHalfEatenApples, video streamers, flat-screens, cool headphones, wireless waterproof "fit in the palm of your hand" speakers, etc. etc. etc.

The manufacturers win too because they can have a bigger margin while still enabling them to sell to people across all socioeconomic status more than ever before.

That leads to this final question:  What do you do with the old devices?

For many of electronics devices, sending them to recycling center is all it takes.  However, what do you do with the computers?  After all, it knows you more than you know yourself.  "It has a list, it doesn't need to check it twice, it knows who's naughty or nice.  It knows you when you're sleeping, it knows when you're awake.  It knows when you've been bad or good." 

That's where we come in, we can wipe those hard drives and SSDs for you.  We can assure you, we do not use "cloth or something" to wipe them.  We will use DoD 5220.22-M method to wipe the data to ensure your privacy.  Come on!  You know we'll throw in some big government lingo somewhere to make this look important, don't you?  Anyway, what that means that once we are done with your devices, the Russians and the Chinese wouldn't be able to recover the data.  So at the end, the only other agencies who might still have your data is the all-knowing NSA... but that's between you and them.... we have nothing to do with it.

In all seriousness, discarding your computers, tablets, and phones without first wiping them is a really bad idea.  If you are a company, discarding your old computers and phones without first sanitizing the data contain therein might result in potential class-action lawsuits from your clients.  Please contact us to find out how we can help with your data-wiping needs.

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